Shipping in Lithuania and Latvia!
Shipping in Lithuania and Latvia!
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Welcome to the Pura Vida Chocolate Factory!

The chocolate journey starts with the pure bean, then we roast it, grind it, separate the shells from the cocoa bean, and ground cocoa beans in a stone mill for 36 hours.

We make everything by hand and in small quantities. Because we are not mass-produced, each bar may vary in size or shape, but that is what gives this chocolate its authenticity.

The chocolates are made in small quantities, we make ~40 chocolate bars at a time, so if you would like to order in larger quantities please contact us in advance. 

Chocolate - Saffron Kiss

chocolate with saffron

85% chocolate made from bean to bar. 
Fresh and smooth taste
Flavour notes: citrus, red fruits and roasted nuts
Cocoa bean grinding time: 36 hours
Cocoa bean country of origin: Madagascar, Criollo
Spices: saffron
100 g - 8.00 EUR

Phone.: +370 624 13703
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