Shipping in Lithuania and Latvia!
Shipping in Lithuania and Latvia!
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About Us

What is Pura Vida?

Pura Vida - In English - Pure Life.

For a better understanding of this concept, we suggest moving to Costa Rica. Imagine the joy, the sea, the tropical sun and the sloth laying on top of a tree ... A paradise where you want to stay forever.

The locals see the concept of Pura Vida as a wonderful life, with simple pleasures of spending time with loved ones and enjoying a slow, peaceful life.

With these simple pleasures in mind, we want to represent the pleasures that Central American culture has to offer - the almighty cocoa beans - the food of kings and the currency of the Aztec civilization. And even more - we are here to give you the tasty and healthy bits of African, Southern American and Asian cultures.

Pura Vida - love and honest attitude towards nature and one's health.

Why Pura Vida?

This concept perfectly reflects the vision of our company! We believe in a cleaner, more natural and healthier future. It is our responsibility for our children and our future generation. So we want to contribute to the future by supplying Pura Vida products as well!

We strive to keep Pura Vida products as natural as possible, this way protecting the environment and your health. We do not hold large stock, we selectively pick the tastiest food and ensure that the products you receive from us are as fresh as possible.

We do not use complex food manufacturing equipment. We ensure you are getting your food in a more natural, pure form.

So join us for Pura Vida way of life!