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Matcha tea

Matcha is the finest quality, shade-grown Japanese Camellia Sinensis green tea leaves ground into a fine powder. For centuries, monks have enjoyed Matcha tea to support concentration during meditation. Although other green teas are cultivated all over the world, true authentic Matcha green tea is unique to Japan.



Ceremonial Matcha tea

ceremoninė Matcha arbata 

matcha arbata Made from the youngest tea leaves
matcah arbata premium grade Usage: for making tea
matcha arbata  Taste: Delicate and slightly sweet
      Color: green

Culinary Matcha Tea

Matcha arbata

matcha arbata Made from older tea leaves
matcah arbata premium grade Usage: Matcha latte, for desserts
matcha arbata  Taste: More bitter than ceremonial Matcha tea    
     Color: Greenish colour

How to select quality matcha?

Country of origin

Matcha arbatos milteliai iš Japonijos
The tastiest and highest qualityMatcha tea is grown in  Japan. This country has strict farming standards and regulations that protect the integrity and quality of the tea powder. The soil is constantly tested for heavy metals and other contaminants that can alter the taste of the green tea. Although most Japanese matcha tea leaves are grown in the Uji region, other popular regions include Saitama, Nishio, Mie, Kagoshima, Nara and Shizuoka.

Organic product

ekologiška Matcha arbata
Organic Matcha is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial for our body. Poor quality Matcha tea can contain many harmful chemicals such as pesticides and fertilisers. To avoid these pitfalls, always look for organically grown Matcha green tea powder.

100% green tea Matcha

Žalioji Matcha arbata
Some tea brands offer Matcha tea with additives or sweeteners. Sweeteners and additives are often used to mask the poor taste of Matcha tea. Always read the package label before buying and always choose pure Japanese Matcha Tea Powder.