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How to prepare ceremonial Matcha tea at home?

You can create your own ritual at home using the appropriate traditional tools and high-quality ceremonial grade matcha.

Here are some tips you may need to prepare your ceremonial Matcha tea: 

- Matcha tea powder 

- Hot water (70 - 80 degrees)

- Bamboo whisks (you can also use an electric whisk)

- Strainer(optional)

- Bowl

- Your favorite cup

Ceremonial Matcha Tea Recipe


Part of making a delicious cup of matcha is sifting the powder. Sifting will ensure that there are no lumps in the matcha tea. 


Boil water and cool it to 70-80 degrees. Pour 60ml into a bowl with Matcha tea powder.


Holding the tea whisk directly over the bowl of matcha, whisk vigorously back and forth "M" motion until frothy. You can use an electric whisk or a spoon as well (it will take a little longer to mix).


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