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Shipping in Lithuania and Latvia!
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Christmas Star Bread

pyragas su kakavos mase


- For yeast dough:

  • 7 g of active dry yeast 
  • 1/3 cup warm water (about +40 C) 
  • 40 g of melted butter 
  • 3/4 st. warm milk (about +40 C) 
  • 40 g of sugar 
  • 400 g of wheat flour 
  • 1 egg 
  • a pinch of salt

- For the chocolate Nutella cream:

  1. Dissolve yeast in warm water until foamy.
  2. In another bowl, pour milk, melted butter, egg, salt, foamed yeast with water.
  3. Knead the dough for about a few minutes.
  4. Shape the dough into a ball and place in a large bowl. Cover with a towel and keep for about 1 hour. The dough should double in size.
  5. While the dough is rising, make the chocolate cream. Melt the cocoa mass in a steam bath and mix in the peanut butter and sugar. Mix everything well.
  6. Divide the dough into 4 equal balls. Roll the balls of dough into circles with a diameter of about 23 cm.
  7. Transfer the circle of dough onto the baking paper. Put about 2 tablespoons of chocolate cream on it.
  8. Apply the second coating, apply the cream. Do the same with the third.
  9. Place the fourth on top.
  10. Place the bottom of a small glass or cup on the center of the dough. Press it.
  11. ith a sharp knife, make 16 evenly spaced cuts from round cutter to edge of dough, forming a starburst.
  12. Remove cutter; grasp 2 adjacent strips and rotate twice outward. Pinch ends together. Repeat with remaining strips.
  13. Heat the oven to 180 degrees and bake until golden brown, 18-22 minutes.

    Enjoy :)

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