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Shipping in Lithuania and Latvia!
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ceremoninė matcha arbata
Matcha arbatos milteliai
matcha arbata is Japonijos
Japoniška Matcha arbata

Organic Ceremonial Matcha powder

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Feel the nice balance between natural sweetness and a slightly bitter tea flavours. Enjoy your cup of tea and let its fresh and natural smell treating you to a purer and healthier experience. Our matcha tea comes from Shizuoka prefecture in Japan, famous for long dated green tea traditions and careful organic farming.

    What is the difference between Organic Green Matcha Tea and Organic Ceremonial Green Matcha tea?
      Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea                           
       Produced from the youngest leaves                
       Use: for making tea                         
       Taste: Gentle and slightly sweet              
           (Unami) taste                                                     

            Color: bright green colour                          

        Matcha tea
         Produced from older tea leaves
         Use: Matcha latte, baked goods
         Taste: slightly more bitter
              Color: greenish color


         Benefits of matcha tea

        • Matcha tea improves attention and memory
        • Matcha tea gives more energy 
        • Matcha tea helps maintain a healthy metabolism


            Country                                               Ingredients                           

             Japan (Shizuoka Prefecture)         100% Matcha green tea



          Code of the Control Authority: LT-EKO-001