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Cocoa Mass - Mexico

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Mexican cocoa is a true dessert that tastes like chocolate ice cream. Its flavor palette perfectly combines the sweetness of ripe plums and sun-dried bananas, while herbal nuances add freshness and intrigue, giving the taste a sense of vitality.

Cocoa mass for your everyday rituals

Cocoa - for improving productivity, energy, and concentration. Magnesium and theobromine in 100% cocoa content provide a relaxing effect during meditation, help you concentrate, and stay alert throughout the day. You can use cocoa mass as a drink, to flavor pastries, or to make artisanal chocolate. Cocoa - a superfood for those aiming for a more natural and healthier lifestyle.

Where it's grown

This cocoa comes from the El Vado region in Chiapas, Mexico. It's a small area with approximately 150 inhabitants. Cocoa is grown on the slopes of the Sierra Madre mountains (350 meters above sea level), accessible via winding roads. It's a special product created and cared for by 14 local farmers.


Trinitario - Trinitario varieties were cultivated by hybridizing Criollo and Forastero cocoa breeds, combining Criollo quality with Forastero disease resistance.

Taste notes: cocoa, herbs, fruits, nuts.

Flavor profiles (from 1- 5)

Artisanal cocoa drink

How to make cocoa (for one cup):

- Cocoa 10 - 35 g
- 40 ml hot water
- 80 ml plant-based milk
- Your favorite sweetener (optional)

Put all ingredients in a pot and stir for 1 min.

How to enjoy cocoa:

10 - 15 g - a mild cocoa drink, suitable for daily consumption
25 - 35 g - medium-strength cocoa drink
35 - 40 g - strong cocoa drink, suitable for cocoa ceremonies

Features of Mexican cocoa:

- Cocoa is sourced from small farmers in the El Vado region of Chiapas, Mexico.
- 100% cocoa, without added sugar, suitable for vegans.
- Cocoa comes in 10 - 20 g uneven chunks, soft and easy to cut.
- Before grinding cocoa beans into a cohesive mass, they were lightly roasted.

Health benefits:

  • Source of antioxidants - protects the body from aging
  • Cocoa helps regulate cholesterol
  • Cocoa promotes circulation and brain function
  • Cocoa stimulates the production of endorphins (happiness hormones)

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    Country Ingredients

    Mexico 100% ground cocoa beans