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Organic Cocoa Powder - Ecuador
kakavos milteliai - pura vida
ekologiški kakavos milteliai - Pura Vida
ekologiški kakavos milteliai
Organic Cocoa Powder - Ecuador

Organic Cocoa Powder - Ecuador

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Feel pure, strong and authentic flavors of raw cocoa powder.

Our Organic Cocoa Powder is obtained from cocoa nibs, from which the oil is cold pressed resulting in a dense, nutritious nutritional mass. This mass is then ground into a fine powder. No heat is used throughout this process, so cocoa powder retains all its good qualities.


  • A source of antioxidants - protects the body from aging
  • High in protein and fatty acids that regulates cholesterol
  • Activates blood flow and brain activity
  • Stimulates production of endorphins (happiness hormones), thus helping to relieve stress and depression


Suitable for making beverages and cocktails, giving desserts a richer chocolate flavor and aroma.