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Cocoa Mass - Ecuador

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Organic Ecuadorian cocoa mass stands out with a strong spicy and woody aroma. Cocoa beans are grown in an organic mixed culture along with other hardwoods and tropical fruit trees. Ideal conditions for taste and aroma development, right?

Cocoa mass for your daily rituals

Cocoa - to improve productivity, energy, and focus. 100% cocoa contains magnesium and theobromine, providing a relaxing effect during meditations, helping you concentrate and stay alert throughout the day. You can use cocoa mass as a beverage, flavor pastries, or make artisanal chocolate. Cocoa is a superfood for those seeking a more natural and healthy lifestyle.

Where it's grown

Ecuadorian cocoa is from the Los Ríos region, with farms scattered around the town of Vinces. In Los Ríos, cocoa trees grow in an organic mixed culture along with other hardwoods and tropical fruit trees. This region is located between high mountains and the Pacific Ocean coast, with lower average temperatures and higher rainfall than other regions in Ecuador. These climate conditions give cocoa beans a subtle and slightly spicy taste.

Local residents collect cocoa beans, then bring them to small farmer cooperatives for fermentation and drying. Later, they are roasted at a low temperature to highlight the notes of spices and woody bark, which are highly valued in the "Arriba Nacional" variety.


Arriba Nacional - a local pride, this rare cocoa variety only grows in Ecuador.

Flavor notes: nuts, honey, fruits, flowers, spices.

Artisanal Cocoa Drink

How to make cocoa (for one cup):

- Cocoa 10 - 35 g
- 40 ml hot water
- 80 ml plant-based milk
- Favorite sweetener (optional)

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend for 1 min.

How to consume cocoa:

10 - 15 g - mild cocoa drink, suitable for daily consumption
25 - 35 g - medium-strength cocoa drink
35 - 40 g - strong cocoa drink, suitable for cocoa ceremonies

Ecuadorian cocoa features:

- Cocoa is harvested by small farmers in the Sambirano River Valley of Madagascar.
- Cocoa is organically grown.
- 100% cocoa, no added sugar, suitable for vegans.
- Ecuadorian cocoa comes in 10 - 15 g. pieces, making it easy to use.
- Before grinding cocoa beans into a single mass, they were lightly roasted.

Health Benefits:

  • Source of antioxidants - protects the body from aging
  • Cocoa helps regulate cholesterol
  • Cocoa enhances circulation and brain activity
  • Cocoa stimulates the production of endorphins (happiness hormones)

Country                       Ingredients                                          

   Ecuador                               100% ground cocoa beans

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 Food Handling Certificate No: 130017908
Country of Origin: NON-EU AGRICULTURE
Control Authority Code: LT-EKO-001