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Cocoa mass - Bolivia

Cocoa mass - Bolivia

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Cocoa mass from Bolivia is like red wine - rich and slightly mouth-puckering. The cocoa flavor is complemented by floral notes at the beginning, which gradually transition into pineapples and red fruits, ultimately merging into a finish of nut trees (almonds, hazelnuts).

Cocoa mass for your daily rituals

Cocoa - for productivity, energy, and improved focus. 100% cocoa containing magnesium and theobromine provides a relaxing effect during meditation, helps you concentrate, and stay alert throughout the day. You can use cocoa mass as a drink, to flavor pastries, or make artisanal chocolate. Cocoa - a superfood for those seeking a more natural and healthy lifestyle.

Where it's grown

Cocoa is Bolivia's treasure, growing in the marvelous and forested Alto Beni region. The region is about 60 km from South America's largest Lake Titicaca. In this region, cocoa trees grow in optimal conditions, as the lake acts as a large heat reservoir, providing them with excellent conditions to mature.

Wild cocoa
Cocoa in this area grows naturally in the forests and is nurtured in organic farms. Cocoa farms are scattered along the Alto Beni River, where local people often swim in the river and collect fresh cocoa pods. Due to this special practice, Alto Beni cocoa has been given the name "wild cocoa." 


Trinitario - Trinitario varieties were cultivated by hybridizing Criollo and Forastero types of cocoa, combining Criollo quality with Forastero disease resistance.

Taste notes: flowers, fruits, wood.

Flavor profiles (from 1-5)

  Drinking chocolate

How to make cocoa (for one cup):

- 10 - 35g of cocoa
- 40ml hot water
- 80ml plant-based milk
- Sweetener of your choice (optional)

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend for 1 minute.

How to consume cocoa?

10 - 15g - mild cocoa drink, suitable for daily consumption
25 - 35g - medium-strength cocoa drink
35 - 40g - strong cocoa drink, suitable for cocoa ceremonies

Unique features of Bolivian cocoa:

- Cocoa is harvested from small farmers in the forested Alto Beni region.
- 100% cocoa, without added sugar, suitable for vegans.< br>- Cocoa is in 10 - 20g uneven chunks, quite soft, easy to chop.
- Before grinding cocoa beans into a homogeneous mass, they are lightly roasted.

Health benefits:

  • Source of antioxidants - protects the body from aging
  • Cocoa helps regulate cholesterol
  • Cocoa enhances blood circulation and brain function
  • Cocoa stimulates the production of endorphins (happiness hormones)

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      Country                              Composition                                           

       Bolivia                           100% ground cocoa beans