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Cocoa Mass - Nicaragua

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Cocoa from Nicaragua - it initially reveals its slightly mild, tangy character, reminiscent of citrus fruits. However, as you journey further, a burst of tropical fruits unfolds - the freshness of pineapples, the exoticness of guavas, and the gentle sweetness of sun-ripened papayas. Ultimately, all of this intertwines with a floral finish, adding even more subtlety and elegance to this exceptional cocoa flavor.

Cocoa mass for your daily rituals

Cocoa - to improve productivity, energy, and focus. The presence of magnesium and theobromine in 100% cocoa provides a relaxing effect during meditation, helps you concentrate, and stay alert throughout the day. You can use cocoa mass as a beverage, to flavor baked goods, or to make artisanal chocolate. Cocoa is a superfood for those pursuing a more natural and healthy lifestyle.


Cocoa is grown near the city of Waslala in Nicaragua. This region has a subtropical climate that is perfect for cocoa cultivation. The cooperative we work with in the Waslala region purchases cocoa from 25 farmers. Most families own around 10 hectares of land, of which one or two hectares are planted with cocoa trees. We are pleased to offer you this high-quality cocoa, and our partnership with local farmers ensures they can sell their produce at a higher price on the international cocoa market. By choosing this cocoa, you'll not only enjoy its luxurious flavor but also contribute to the well-being of the communities in the villages of Nicaragua.


Trinitario - Trinitario varieties were developed by hybridizing Criollo and Forastero cocoa breeds, combining Criollo quality with Forastero disease resistance.

Taste notes: fruits, flowers.

Taste profiles (from 1-5)

Variety Cocoa Beverage

How to prepare cocoa (for one cup):

- 10 - 35 g of cocoa
- 40 ml of hot water
- 80 ml of plant-based milk
- Favorite sweetener (optional)

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend for 1 minute.

How to consume cocoa by portion?

10 - 15 g - a mild cocoa drink, suitable for daily consumption
25 - 35 g - medium strength cocoa drink
35 - 40 g - a strong cocoa drink suitable for cocoa ceremonies

Features of Nicaraguan cocoa:

- Cocoa is sourced from 25 small farmers in Nicaragua, specifically in the Waslala region.
- 100% cocoa, without added sugar, suitable for vegans.
- Cocoa is in pieces of 10 - 20 grams, unevenly sized, moderately soft, and easy to cut.
- Before grinding cocoa beans into a single mass, they were lightly roasted.

Health Benefits:

  • Source of antioxidants - protects the body from aging
  • Cocoa helps regulate cholesterol
  • Cocoa activates blood circulation and brain function
  • Cocoa promotes the production of endorphins (happiness hormones)